Stay tuned for ExpositionFit, a wellness brand targeting convention attendees and business travelers who are interested in maintaining their fitness routine while on the road. Services are currently offered in Atlanta, Ga with other cities coming soon.

Get fit, Atlanta!

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At FitATL, we provide commitment-based services in an effort to make the premium experience of personal training more accessible. The concept is simple: fully engage in our programming and it's a win-win.  

FitATL strives to provide the best workout in metro Atlanta.  Why is it the best?  Because we assess where you are, meet you there and support and motivate you towards your wellness goals.  We believe that wellness is achieved through calculated lifestyle changes.  We also believe that each healthy choice begets  another.  With guidance from our lead trainer, Camille N. Jones, our fitness regimen will become second nature and result in a new way of thinking and being.  That is... being your best self!  



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A self-professed fitness fanatic, Camille N. Jones founded FitATL in August, 2013. Taking the best from the industry's most beloved fitness concepts, she created her own specialty workout called KillerCamp. Pretty cool, right?! 

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